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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to I.C.E. BLOCK™. The I.C.E. BLOCK™ super insulated concrete building system is energy efficient and cost effective. It is designed to provide benefits for contractors and property owners alike. It can be used above grade as well as below, and is perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial construction.

The I.C.E. BLOCK™ system is a concrete forming system which produces an insulated, continuous, monolithic concrete wall ready to receive finish materials. The expanded polystyrene form produces a waffle shaped concrete wall with vertical columns 12 inches on center and horizontal beams 16 inches on center with a continuous 2 inch web of concrete joining all the beams and columns. The design of the concrete wall conforms to the requirements of ACI and UBC. The EPS form doubles as the form and insulation. Each block is 48 inches long and 16 inches high with tongue and groove edges around the entire perimeter.

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    August 5, 2005

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